About Us

Nikolaj - Director

What started as a college elective in 2001 blossomed into a life rooted in blowing glass and in teaching others how to do the same. I love bringing the excitement of discovery and the thrill of mastering this challenging medium to people of all ages and interests. Working at East Falls Glassworks is great because my time is pretty evenly split between the intellectually stimulating task of running a business and getting dirty blowing glass and fixing stuff! Find out more about me and my work by clicking the link below.


Sean - Coordinator

I started blowing glass at Buck’s Community College but out of love for the medium I began volunteering at East Falls Glassworks in 2013. An hour drive each way from Trenton to Philadelphia twice a week for 6 months was a drag (more like 2 hours each way - I HATE I-95 TRAFFIC!!) but worth it to be part of such a cool place. Now full-time and a local East Falls resident, I assist with scheduling events, teaching, blowing glass and there's a good chance I'll be the person you'll end up talking to if you give us a call… and please do. I’m always happy to talk to fellow glass enthusiasts!

Roxy - Shop Manager and Security

Roxy has logged thousands of hours in hotshops since wandering down the alley behind Third Degree in St. Louis, MO where Nikolaj used to work. Fast friends from the start, you’ll often find her hanging out with him at East Falls Glassworks. She enjoys long walks on the beach, long walks in the park… and well, just long walks in general.

Jon - Owner

If you are in the studio on a Sunday or weekday evening, you may see someone strolling around like he owns the place, that would be Jon.  He founded the studio back in 2006 but leaves the running of the place and decision-making to Nik and the rest of the EFG crew.  Jon continues to use the studio to create his own work which is shown in many galleries - you can learn more about his work here:

Jon Goldberg's Portfolio



Monday - Friday 10AM to 6PM
Saturday & Sunday By Chance

Here's the deal...
We're often here outside of those hours but we also might have to run out during the day to mail some packages or something. So, the best thing to do is just to call in advance  to let us know you're coming and someone can make sure to be around. Plus, there's not necessarily glassblowing happening all the time, so if you want to watch glassblowing in action, that's definitely another good reason to pick up the phone. Thanks for your understanding!


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