"I find inspiration in the semi-random compositions seen in nature. Ripples on a lake, grain in a piece of wood, striations in marble and tangled vines are all inspirations both in pattern and color. Geography and cartography are also fascinations of mine, and this work contains allusions to coordinate systems and tectonic formations.

Contemporary, minimalist design is another influence, seemingly in conflict with the naturalistic ideas. There is something profound in the contrast and tension that is created within a very simple form containing multi-layered, infinitely detailed coloration."

Properties of Glass
"Glass is a unique material, able to reflect and refract light. I exaggerate these properties of glass, using thick walled forms having a curvature and incorporating colored elements at specific depths within the clear material to maximize the optical effects. Shadows and reflections between layers and interior walls are planned, though surprise results are frequent and welcome."

Personal Satisfaction
"Glass art will form an important part of my legacy. Despite its fragility, it has the potential to endure and be passed on to future generations. I get great satisfaction that this glass will survive and be appreciated, as we continue to appreciate glass made several thousand years ago.

I have been extremely lucky to have the opportunity to experiment freely and have pursued my personal aesthetic and ideas. My hope is that this work resonates with the audience and might inspire others that experience it."