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Pastel Thicket
Winter Ellipsoid Thicket
Nebulous Thicket Sculpture
Nebulous Thicket
Spring Ellipsoid Thicket
Iris Nebulous Thicket
Nebulous Thicket - Mardi Gras
Nebulous Thicket
  6785754736   Inspired by nebulae - multicolored, interstellar clouds of dust, and ionized gases. The Nebulous Thickets contain an infinitely complex core; fields of color bound together by wispy threads of white suspended within clear, faceted glass. These pieces take advantage of the optical characteristics of the material; the facets reveal the structure of the nebulous element and create surfaces which provide total internal reflection. View, share or comment on this series in Facebook

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Thicket in Red, Blue and Iris
6.5" H x 6" W x 6" D
(inv. # 54)

Photo: Jon Goldberg
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