Whether hobbyist or professional artist, your work is important to you. Providing the best environment in which to make your work is important to us. We’re here to help you make the best glass possible! Click on the tabs below to see the current hotshop calendar as well as information pertinent to your visit; please contact-us to schedule blowtime.

Rental Rates

All rental prices come with the use of shop hand tools, as well as punties, pipes, blocks, communal color box and a reasonable amount of annealer space on a regular cycle! You’ll also save $5/hour for a block purchase of $500 blowtime. If you have requirements, beyond this, please consult the prices below (tax not included) or call for details.

Small Gloryhole

$40/hr The small gloryhole can accomodate work up to 9in x 18in. Reasonable annealer space and a standard annealing cycle is included in this rate. We have three gloryholes of this size available for rental. We are happy to rent this along with a larger gloryhole if you are working production style or would just prefer to have it for your assistant's use.

Medium Gloryhole

$55/hr The medium gloryhole can accomodate work up to 16in x 24in. Reasonable annealer space and a standard annealing cycle is included in this rate.

Large Gloryhole

$65/hr The large gloryhole can accommodate work up to 20in x 36in. Reasonable annealer space and a standard annealing cycle is included in this rate.

Special Annealer Consideration

$50 per oven/day Contact us if you have a longer annealer cycle or special space requirements. Dedicated color or pickup box available at same rate.


Provided with Rental Our toolbox includes a full-set of well maintained and sharp Jim Moore tools. Spiral Arts Pipes are included as well.


$15/hr 4 hour minimum


$10/hr  1 hour minimum

Hot Torch

$15/hr w/gas saver 3 hour minimum

Cold-Shop Rental

$15/hr We provide a basic cold-shop with a lap-wheel, belt sander and chop-saw.

Sandblaster Rental


Casting Rate

$40/hr 10 lbs/hour strictly enforced, including crack-off, floor models, etc. Excessive glass usage will be charged at $8.00 per lb. Renter must have an assistant or make arrangements with the studio (at additional expense). Ladle, bench torch, and punties are included in hourly rate. Gloryhole or glassblowing tool usage will be additional expense.


Equipment Inventory

Hot Shop Equipment

800 Lbs AZS lined tank furnace
3x Small gloryholes
Medium gloryhole
Large gloryhole
Three adjustable benches w/ side tables
• One is left-hand adaptable
Two 24x36in marvers
Two smaller color marvers
Pipe cooler
Pipe warmer
Two large top loading annealers
Front loading annealer
Large front loading annealer
Color box
Hot plate

Hand Tools

Three full sets of Jim Moore hand tools
Medium Jacks
Diamond Shears
Bubble Shears
Trim Shears
Bent and Straight Puffers
Two full sets of cherry blocks in 2cm increments up to 20cm
Spiral Arts goblet, medium and large pipes and punties

Cold Working (Grinding/Polishing)

10in diamond saw
20in lap wheel with diamond and polishing pads
Somaca belt sander
Belgian-feed water adapter drill press
Covington 24" slab saw available upon special arrangement (off-site)


Oven Style Height Width Depth  


Front-Loader 15" 24" 23" Casting oven - good for 1700 degrees.

Number 1

Top-Loader 17.5" 38.5" 30"  

Number 2

Front-Loader 33.5" 30" 24"  

Number 3

Top-Loader 17.5" 38.5" 30"  

Il Mostro

Front-Loader/Double Door 33" 50" 34"  

Reservation Form

Every rental arrangement is made based on your needs, contact us directly to request rental time.

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