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For a unique company teambuilding activity, an extra special birthday party, or to reach your personal glassblowing goals, private instruction is the way to go. Many of the best Philadelphia-area glassblowers are on our teaching roster so whatever your desire or current level of skill, we can help you do things you never imagined being capable of. This could mean anything from one-on-one instruction or a customized session for a small group. Sessions will be fit to your schedule during which we’ll match you with a teacher who can ensure that your objectives for taking the class are met. Rates vary depending on number of participants, number of sessions, and what additional accommodations are necessary.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe?

Working with heavy materials and furnaces that reach over 2,300 degrees is inherently dangerous but being respectful of these dangers and learning how to move safely in a glass studio will greatly minimize the risk. Think of a restaurant kitchen filled with chefs hurrying around working on their tasks while wielding knives, shuffling pans around lit stoves, and going in and out of hot ovens. A hotshop is much the same... our creme brulee torches are just a bit larger. There's danger in both places but if you can imagine feeling comfortable working in a well run kitchen, then you can learn to do the same in our studio. We take your health and happiness seriously and will more fully address safety at the start of the class, but if you have particular circumstances or concerns please call us to discuss. Otherwise, just come to class with your wits about you and if you follow these guidelines, all will be well....


• Do not come to class intoxicated! Doing so risks forfeit of your enrollment. Glassblowing is hard enough without making it harder.

• Wear comfortable, breathable clothing that is made of natural fibers, such as jeans and a cotton t-shirt. Avoid polyester, rayon, or other such synthetics. They are uncomfortable when your body heats up and plastics have the potential to melt while you're wearing them... Not good.

• Put on closed toed shoes (no sandals, flip-flops or the like) and leave the jewelry at home.

• Bring a pair of safety glass if you happen to have one that you know fits you well. Otherwise, we will provide you with a pair which you should keep on at all times!

• We have a water fountain here, but feel free to bring a Gatorade or the like if you dehydrate easily or it's forecast to be a hot day.

Event Pricing

Private Lessons

If you have a smaller group, or you just would like to get some hands on experience and develop your skills one on one, private lessons can be booked at $125/hour with a minimum of 2 hours for the lesson. For larger groups you can get the family, friends, or co-workers together and choose what to make from a few options.

Larger Group Pricing

Studio Rental Fee

Our group events are accompanied by a studio fee that varies depending on group size. This fee is in addition to any options selected below.
6-10 People $100
11-20 People $200
20-25 People $250

What do you Want to Make?

These are some of the option for objects that you can make as part of your group event. There are limitless other possibilities, so if you want something not on the list, please let us know.
Ornament/Paperweight/Flower $60/participant
Pumpkin/Air Plant $75/participant
Cup/Vase $100/participant

Musical Chairs

You can get the group together at the end to collaborate on making an object in a musical chairs type fashion, having everyone taking turns working on the object with everyone putting their own personal touch to it. This is great for team building or just having something to take back home or to the office to remember the occasion. The maximum amount of people for a group is 8 people, with the option of separating into 2 groups.
1 Group (Up to 8 People) $300
2 Groups (Up to 16 People) $500


If your group is too large for the musical chairs or you just would like to see our skilled staff make an object for the group to take home, a demonstration can be added to the end of the event.
Demonstration $100/Object