East Falls Glassworks is primarily a place for you to learn about a wide variety of glass working techniques, including blowing, casting and solid working. We get great enjoyment out of sharing our passion for glass with students, especially those who have always thought of themselves as “just not artistic”! This is a fascinating material and the captivating process of turning molten glass into art is now within your reach.

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Class Descriptions

Classes for Beginners

Intro to Glassblowing (6 Week)

If you'd like to try working with hot glass for the first time or need a refresher course, this is the class for you. We start with an introduction to glassblowing tools and equipment as well as basic techniques. Every week, a different form will be taught. Lots of exercises and hands-on time is provided to build a solid foundation of glass blowing skills.

Fun With Glass

In this class, you’re going to get a good sense of what is involved in manipulating molten glass while making a number of glass objects. Typically participants will work their way up from nothing to a colorful paperweight, an ornament, and a blown object or two (such as a cup, bowl, or flower vase). It's a quick-paced introduction to the most important aspects of working with glass and a great place to start if you're wondering what glassblowing is all about.

Seasonal Sampler

Designed for the total beginner, we provide all the tools, supplies, and instruction necessary to make colorful blown and solid sculpted pieces. Great way to make a couple beautiful glass objects for what you would pay for them in a store - and have a fun and exciting afternoon at the same time! Students will make several items which might include a paperweight, ornament, Easter egg, or Valentine’s Day heart.

Intermediate Classes

Intermediate Glassblowing (6 Week)

This class begins where the Intro to Glassblowing class leaves off. After concluding this class, students should have enough confidence and glass working skill to rent time and work with a partner. More advanced forms will be taught as well as some basic color techniques.

Advanced Classes

These classes are reserved for those students with a knowledge base that allows them to take advantage of instruction on the more nuanced and subtle aspects of this artform. If in doubt, please contact us to talk about whether the class will be right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe?

Working with heavy materials and furnaces that reach over 2,300 degrees is inherently dangerous but being respectful of these dangers and learning how to move safely in a glass studio will greatly minimize the risk. Think of a restaurant kitchen filled with chefs hurrying around working on their tasks while wielding knives, shuffling pans around lit stoves, and going in and out of hot ovens. A hotshop is much the same... our creme brulee torches are just a bit larger. There's danger in both places but if you can imagine feeling comfortable working in a well run kitchen, then you can learn to do the same in our studio. We take your health and happiness seriously and will more fully address safety at the start of the class, but if you have particular circumstances or concerns please call us to discuss. Otherwise, just come to class with your wits about you and if you follow these guidelines, all will be well....


• Do not come to class intoxicated! Doing so risks forfeit of your enrollment. Glassblowing is hard enough without making it harder.

• Wear comfortable, breathable clothing that is made of natural fibers, such as jeans and a cotton t-shirt. Avoid polyester, rayon, or other such synthetics. They are uncomfortable when your body heats up and plastics have the potential to melt while you're wearing them... Not good.

• Put on closed toed shoes (no sandals, flip-flops or the like) and leave the jewelry at home.

• Bring a pair of safety glass if you happen to have one that you know fits you well. Otherwise, we will provide you with a pair which you should keep on at all times!

• We have a water fountain here, but feel free to bring a Gatorade or the like if you dehydrate easily or it's forecast to be a hot day.

Registration Policy

• A signed waiver is required before participation in any class. If you register online, you'll be asked to digitally sign off. Otherwise, please download a copy, sign it and bring along to the first day of class. Parental signature is required for minors. 

• Full tuition is due at time of registration. We may be able to make alternate arrangements if this is not possible; call to talk about it. Credit cards are accepted over the phone or you may pay via check or cash in person. If you are using a gift certificate, please have it ready upon payment.

• Cancellations will be allowed up to 14 days before the start of class, subject to a $35 fee. We will reschedule you for a different class or issue a studio credit if within 14 days of the start of your class, also subject to a $35 fee. Cancellations and rescheduling are not allowed within 7 days of class start.

• There are no refunds for no shows. A cancellation on the day of the event is normally considered a no show. We will consider prorating a class if an absence is anticipated at registration and do our best with bringing any students up to speed who unexpectedly miss a class.

• East Falls Glassworks reserves the right to cancel any classes with insufficient registration. In this unlikely event, we will refund the class or issue credit.

• Beginning and Intermediate glassblowing classes are limited to a maximum of 9 students. 1 day workshops are generally limited to maximum of 8 students. These guidelines are in place to ensure that all participants receive plenty of hands-on time, and adequate individual attention from our experienced staff.